Configuring Pt Settings 3. Enter or edit the area code and local country code as needed. Press the key to suspend the PT Press this icon to select upper and lower case letters. Doing so can cause loss of data in the mobile computer. If you wish to save power use this program to change LCD backlight settings. You can then scan barcode.

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For more information on ActiveSync, refer to Chapter 6. Page 2 Argox will not be liable in case modifications are made by the customer.

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Choose F1, F2, F3 … or F9 from pull-down list. The trigger key is located in the middle of the unit.

Basic memory capacity is MB. Wlan Configuration Step 3.

The right button function menu is composed of task manager and features. About Thi Manual Chapter 3: Using the Cradle Do not place any product other than the PT mobile computer in the cradle.

If the icon does not change, adjust the setting using the grid above.

Select the program to delete from the program list. If the previously set value is appropriate, move on to the following. Sound To set the sound: Make sure the mobile computer is installed according to instructions. Useful Utilities Chapter 6: Conditions exceeding IP54 standards could result in water or other contaminants entering the PT No other type of terminal can be placed into this cradle.

Press the down arrow in the standard time zone until it reaches your location. Open regional setting icon.


It will start to search devices. Argox will not be liable in case modifications are made by the customer. You can only remove programs installed in RAM.

Remove Programs Select the program to delete from the program list. It recognizes words from its integrated dictionary, and allows you to write in cursive, pt-020 or mixed handwriting. Start Icon Start icon is the starting point for the PT program. Software Applications Chapter 7: Press the key to suspend the PT If you select upper case, capital letters and characters appear on the number key pad.

Connection Under Connection page, specify the network connection you want the browser to connect to the network. Figure Enable Bluetooth 3.

Argox PT 6020 Wi-Fi Hand-Held Terminal

Press this key to activate the CCD scanner. Default on number mode When [a] or [A] on the screen Icon-Bar indicate that the input mode at character input mode.

Change the distance between the bar code and the mobile computer. If you need a special cable for some cases, contact your ot-6020 to purchase the right cables or technical support. This can cause damages to the connector on the cradle. Tap the Apply tab to complete setting.