It also provides access to all other screens. Linux kernel drivers 3. Reset error counts for all Phys. Reset error counts for this Phy only. The Create New Array screen shown below allows you to select disks for a new array. Hook interrupt default Bypass interrupt hooks. Staggered spinups will balance the total electrical-current load on the system during boot.

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Reset Link Error Counts. You may press Esc at any time to cancel the verify process. The array is made up of the maximum number of disks three. Use the arrow keys to select an adapter, then press Enter to view and modify the properties of the selected adapter and to hosg access to the attached devices.

This allows the user to select fuusion on this channel to be members of a mirrored array. The packages comes with an initscript that periodic run mpt-status to check status. As disks are added, the Array Size field changes to reflect the size of the new volume. Set this option to No if you have problems with a device that responds to all LUNs whether they are occupied or not.

If the device is part of a two-disk array, this field reflects the size of the array, not the size of the individual disk.

When you press Enter, the following prompt appears:. The Configuration Utility will pause while the array is being created. If changes were made, you are prompted to save or discard the configuration.

The following items describe the RAID level support for these servers:. In addition, a similar Exit screen appears when you exit most other screens, and it can be used to save settings. Lists the status of each physical disk in the array. The target capabilities for this device. SATA devices are not supported in these servers at this time. jost


This field is used to delete the currently displayed RAID array. Up, down, left, right movement to position the cursor. Pause When Boot Alert Displayed. The Adapter Properties screen shown below allows you to view and modify adapter settings. Disk has been set inactive.

Serial Attached SCSI BIOS Configuration Utility

While the cursor is on the Device Identifier, you can perform the following actions:. Indicates the number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to an adapter.

For example, there is no way to disable an adapter in a Windows driver. Specifies the relative boot order 0 to 3 of an adapter.

Changes to this setting are reflected in the Status field on the main Adapter List menu. The first disk will be mirrored onto the second disk, so the data you want to keep must be on the first disk added to the volume. You are asked to save changes, which will create the array. Devices such as tape drives and scanners require that a device driver specific to that device be loaded. Use the arrow keys to select the desired adapter and press Enter to add it to the end of the Boot Adapter List.

However, if removed, the disk drives must first be labelled to make sure that they are placed back in the same disk bays from which they were removed when reinstalled. A disk may be disabled for the following reasons:. Two settings are available: T and such 4.